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Angel of the Snow
Christmas Adventure

Angel of the Snow
Greets Spring

Bubbles the Whale
A young whale lost at sea.

Mac the Mouse
Christmas Adventure.

Santa's Birthday

Santa's Cell Phone Is Ringing.

Young Beth's Book
A Thanksgiving story

Billy Herzig

Karizma J.

Mason Waldrep

Angel of the Snow is from the original story of "Little Beth and the Snow Angel" written by Sandy Winnette.

Our story will take you back to a time of horses galloping down the long road towards Forest Manor.  Little Beth lives in a big house overlooking  the forest. Her love for the forest animals and her desire to help them survive the harsh winter takes her on a spiritual journey, an adventure of a lifetime. 


From the window of her bedroom, Beth watched the forest animals come out into the meadow, looking for food during the first big snowfall. Beth was thinking of ways she could help the forest animals.

Beth's guardian angel watched from above. The angel heard the child ask for her snow angel to come to life and help all the animals in the nearby forest. Beth's kindness and love for the animals deeply touched the angel.

"Angel of the Snow"

"I wish tonight, with all my might, let my Christmas snow angel come to life."

Beth smiled and said it repeatedly as she pushed the heavy snow with her arms and legs. She closed her eyes, and could imagine her snow angel coming to life. Little Beth could see the angel with her halo made of ice crystals and snowflakes over her head. She saw the kindness in her angel’s light green eyes like the forest trees and the angel’s skin was as pure as the white winter snow. One snowflake rested gently on her cheek. Little Beth imagined her snow angel’s hair with curls and snowflakes that made her long hair sparkle and give off a glow. The snow angel’s dress was long and flowing and looked like it was made of woven snow. As Beth pushed her arms harder and harder against the snow, she saw the snow angel’s wings were feathers made of snow. And she will take care of all the animals in the forest, Beth said to herself.

When she finished making her snow angel, she lay quietly and the big snowflakes fell down upon her. Her hair was white with snow and her dress damp and wet. Little Beth had given the forest animals a Christmas present of a beautiful snow angel and she felt warm inside.

Suddenly, in the distance, she heard voices calling her name. Beth opened her eyes.

Stories and songs written by Sandy Winnette

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